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The Watch for Wildlife license plate is available for purchase at all DMV locations in Oregon. For more information about Oregon specialty license plates and how to get your own Watch for Wildlife plate, please visit



​As wildlife moves throughout their habitat for food, shelter, and to find mates, the roads and highways crisscrossing Oregon make that a dangerous and sometimes fatal journey. Each year almost 6,000 drivers in Oregon alone are involved in a collision with a deer, elk, bear or other wildlife species.

Among Oregon Wildlife Foundation’s (OWF) priorities is reducing wildlife-vehicle collisions on our highways and roads. OWF is working with the Departments of Transportation and Fish & Wildlife  to implement wildlife crossing projects throughout Oregon. Funding for these efforts comes, in part from the sale of our Watch for Wildlife specialty license plate. To get yours, visit your local DMV or order online. 


The Watch for Wildlife specialty license plate features an icon of the American west, a mule deer, and Mt. Hood, synonymous with Oregon itself. A species already in decline, mule deer are further threatened by collisions with cars and trucks on busy Highways 97 and 20 as they migrate to and from their winter range in central Oregon.

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We greatly appreciate our voucher purchasers who have helped us get the W4W license plate approved for production. If you purchased a voucher (2019-2021) but have not yet redeemed it for your plate, see below for a few tips to make your trip to the DMV a little easier.

Before taking your voucher to the DMV please read the following:

  • Check the DMV website, ahead of your visit, for the information you will need to redeem your license plate voucher.

  • Wednesday is busier than usual at DMV offices because they have limited business hours on that day of the week - if your schedule permits, consider going on a different day.

  • A small number of vouchers included misprinted numbers or were missing  signatures. We attempted to correct this by mailing updated copies to those affected, but some were not delivered by USPS or received at the address we had on record.

Please contact us at or 503-255-6059 for a replacement voucher if:

  • The 4-digit voucher number in the top right-hand corner doesn’t begin with the letter “D”, or

  • The voucher isn’t signed by an OWF representative. An original voucher will have been signed in the “Signature Of Organization Representative” section. A replacement copy will have an additional signature and date at the bottom. If either signature is missing, let us know and we will send you a corrected replacement voucher.

  • You can “skip the trip” to your local DMV office by  mailing in  your voucher, paperwork, and a check for any remaining fees, to the DMV. They, in turn, will mail you your new license plates.

  • The phone number for DMV customer service is 503-945-5000. They will provide you with an estimate of your remaining registration fees. Visit for more information.

  • If you are not sure that your voucher has all of the necessary information, send a picture of it to us at We want to ensure that your voucher is valid. If it’s not, we will send you a corrected copy by mail or email. 


Read more about this in the FAQ section below.

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