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About this project

Once prevalent throughout North America, trumpeter swans were nearly extinct  in the continental United States by the 1930s. With protection from hunting and habitat disturbance, populations have rebounded in parts of the Northwest.

The Foundation made a grant of $5,000 to The Trumpeter Swan Society in 2016 to assist in the restoration of a healthy breeding population to central and eastern Oregon. The current effort involves releasing ten to fifteen swans per year at Summer Lake Wildlife Area. The goal of this initiative is to meet the Pacific Flyway objectives for Oregon which are 75 healthy trumpeter swan adults and at least 15 nests.

This is an ongoing initiative that will require additional monetary support to purchase and transport swan stock, monitor, and conduct annual aerial surveys.

OWF Trumpeter Swan Restoration

Please join us in helping to restore trumpeter swans to Oregon by making your tax-deductible gift to the Trumpeter Swan Fund online by clicking here or with a check payable to “Oregon Wildlife Foundation” with a memo line note of “Trumpeter Swan Fund.” Your support is critical to the success of this project!

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