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TLP Media is a newly sponsored project of the Oregon Wildlife Foundation, with the sole purpose of producing high quality and impactful films about the Pacific Northwest and the Natural World that will inspire and connect world-wide audience to our planet. Our planet is changing. It cannot speak for itself. This is where the power of film and compelling stories can make a tremendous impact towards becoming a voice for our planet.



TLP Media most recently completed a film about the reintroduction of the Mexican gray wolf in the American Southwest, a controversial subject for certain - but one that worked persistently to tell all sides of the story. It recently won multiple awards at over 15 film festivals around the world, and has been widely praised as telling a fair and balanced story. Currently, Alan is working on several films focusing on diverse species here in the Pacific Northwest: Southern Resident killer whales, Humboldt martens, and Burrowing owls, with others in the pipeline!


Film is a powerful tool to connect people to the natural world in ways that inspire them to fall in love with nature. By telling stories about the intimate lives of wildlife, we get a glimpse of behavior we rarely get to see in person. Another area TLP Media focuses on, is telling conservation success stories, as film has a unique way of touching the hearts of people with messages of hope for the wild places and the wildlife that inhabit them.


Alan is collaborating with a talented team of wildlife filmmakers to tell these stories, and is currently raising funds to produce these films. There are a lot of factors that go into production, and the expenses add up quickly. TLP Media isn't producing films on the scale of the Planet Earth Series for the BBC, which were roughly $23 million dollars to produce, but doesn't want to sacrifice quality. Luckily they have access to some of the very same equipment that enables them to create some amazing and visually stunning images!


We would greatly appreciate your support in helping us to tell these important stories. By making a donation to the Oregon Wildlife Foundation towards TLP Media and their films, you can help create impactful media that reaches thousands of people around the world, showcasing the splendor of the Pacific Northwest.


The Southern Residents

The current population of Southern Resident orcas in the Salish Sea is in decline and currently faces the alarming threat of extinction. Three pods of these endangered orca inhabit these waters and are starving due to the lack of sufficient prey base, chinook salmon. A film that presents the issues/solutions is needed to assist public educators and stakeholders on explaining practical outcomes for recovery.


The main question this film will be exploring is why the health of the overall population of Southern Resident killer whales is declining, and what factors are involved. This film focuses on the science behind the issues surrounding their recovery efforts: lack of prey, toxins, and noise pollution. We are in the process of story development, and are currently seeking funding to make this film possible.

Budget: $246,000

The Humboldt Marten

The Humboldt marten (Martes caurina humboldtensis), is a critically endangered subspecies of the pacific marten that, until recently, was considered extinct in the wild. Currently, four small populations exist, numbering approximately 100 individuals each, in Northern California and Southern Oregon. With numbers critically low and habitat also threatened, it is imperative to create media that people can interact with in a way that creates critical awareness for this species.


We propose to produce two films about this species in Oregon. The first being an informative, fact based, short-form format that educates the viewer about the Humboldt marten and the current issues the species faces in the wild with the purpose to reach thousands on social media. The second film, being a longer, narrative format which explores the issues deeper - and takes a closer look at the science and research taking place to further the public’s knowledge about this species. Both films will work in tandem with each other, the first creating interest in the species, the second engaging the viewer to become invested in their story and recovery.

Budget: $45,000

The Lives of Burrowing Owls

This film is a documentary short on the successful conservation story of the return of burrowing owls to the Umatilla region of Eastern Oregon. This documentary will highlight the The Global Owl Project and their extraordinary efforts to restore this population while also taking a closer look at burrowing owl behavior.


The purpose of this short documentary is to highlight the work of Dr. David Johnson, and the success story of bringing the burrowing owl population back from the brink of extinction. So many stories focus on the doom and gloom of climate change, and though this is vitally important, so are stories of success and hope for species like the burrowing owl. This film will serve as a tool to bring attention to burrowing owls, and the ongoing conservation efforts to ensure a future for their species.​

Budget: $15,000

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We are based in Portland Oregon, and travel all around the state to capture the footage necessary to create our compelling wildlife stories. 


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