With a mission to 'empower the lasting conservation of fish and wildlife', we're able to sponsor a diverse group of projects. Fiscal sponsorship allows a non tax-exempt person or organization to engage in charitable activities under OWF's nonprofit status.


Some reasons groups decide fiscal sponsorship is the right avenue for them are increased credibility; improved access to funding sources; and low-cost fiscal and other administrative services. With the project sponsor assuming most of the administrative and fiscal responsibilities, project leaders can focus more of their attention on the project itself. 

Brown Folks Fishing cultivates the visibility, representation, and inclusion of people of color in fishing and its industry. 

Building community and engagement through education, restoration, and removal of invasive plants through this community trail project.

Supporting bird conservation by providing expert avian science resources to government and private sectors.

A partnership of groups dedicated to the conservation of sea otters and a healthy marine ecosystem on the Oregon coast.

A Linnton neighborhood group dedicated to protecting the Northern Red-Legged frogs of Portland Oregon.

First of its kind wildlife K9 pilot program, training dogs to locate particular odors and evidence of poaching. 

Pacific Birds supports directly supports bird conservation and their habitats, working at the regional and flyway scale.

PAM develops community awareness of the urgent need for barrier-free habitat connectivity for mule deer and elk to migrate.

A wildlife production team specializing in the future of our planet through compelling stories and eye catching visuals.


 A non-invasive camera monitoring and genetic sampling to survey for wolverines and other forest carnivores in the Wallowa Mountains.