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Wildlife Habitat Recovery Fund

Friends of the Foundation and supporters of Oregon wildlife,

I hope you're doing okay and finding the resources you need to get through this incredibly difficult time in our lives. If you’re in a wildfire affected area, as many parts of western Oregon are at this moment, this message may be a harsh reminder of our existing reality. I apologize if this causes you more stress.


In light of the tremendous loss of wildlife habitat from the wildfires burning across our state, the Oregon Wildlife Foundation has opened the Wildlife Habitat Recovery Fund. Its purpose is to provide monetary support to efforts aimed at mitigating the impact these wildfires are and will have on wildlife and shared habitat throughout Oregon.

When these fires are under control, specialists will assess the damage and determine how best to mitigate their impact. Most often the immediate need is to address soil erosion and prevent debris from flowing into our streams and rivers. Unfortunately, this is becoming an all-too-familiar process here in Oregon and across the west.

Contributions to the Wildlife Habitat Recovery Fund will support needed supplies, materials, equipment, and contracted services. Our project committee will prioritize requests and distribute funding when and as it becomes available.

Your donation and support are greatly appreciated.

Stay safe and be strong. We’ll get through this together!

Tim Greseth,

Executive Director

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