Tracking a Storm

We have an update on our continuing project in Eastern Oregon's Wallowa Mountains, tracking a lone wolverine called Stormy. Below is a note from one of the project's field researchers, Scott Shively. Enjoy!

"As of April 14th, he is alive and well in the Wallowas! Audrey went out to stretch her legs last week and checked one of our new stations and found Stormy had visited three times starting in early March; the most recent visit was on April 14th. We're relieved, as this is the first we've seen of him since late December. 

We're anxious to return to check more cameras once things ease up and we feel it's safe/acceptable to travel again." 

Until the team is able to visit the sites, we're excitedly collaborating to put together an upcoming Q&A about Stormy and wolverine in Oregon.

Stay tuned!

Get the backstory on this project and this lonesome Gulo.

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