Special Thanks! Frog Talk update

Quick thank you to everyone who was able to make it to our Wildlife Talk about the Harborton frog. We got dynamic updates about the efforts made by Jane Hartline and the volunteer team who help conserve this Oregon population of Northern red-legged frogs.

We wanted to share a few key parts of the time we had together. We hope you enjoy, and are able to make it to our next Wildlife Talk on the Greater sage grouse next month! Stay tuned and sign-up to get updates on event like this ONLY once a month.

Thank you to our snack sponsor, Masala Pop, who use fresh organic ingredients to create their uniquely delicious local popcorn snacks.

Thank you to our venue sponsor, REI, for donating their Community Room for our event. We appreciate companies who support local events like this one.

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If you or have a connection to a space or sponsor that would be a good fit for one of our events, please contact us!

Co-presenter and biologist, Sue Beilke, explains the intricate process performed by volunteers at the Harborton Frog Shuttle.

For more updates directly from the Frog Shuttle group, visit their blog.

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