Seeley Creek Site Visit March 2022 (Gallery)

March 4, 2022, representatives from Oregon Wildlife Foundation (OWF) and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) met up for a site visit at Seeley Creek, located near Alsea in Benton County, Oregon. Paul Olmstead, Assistant District Fisheries Biologist with ODFW, gave a tour of the recently completed stream improvement site to OWF’s Executive Director, Tim Greseth, along with board members, Chijo Takeda and Uriah Stockdale, as well as board President Brad Staples. Seeley Creek has been under improvement since last summer, where large logs were strategically placed to increase stream complexity and provide better habitat for fish and other aquatic species. In addition to the tour, they installed new signage that gives information about the restoration process and recognizes the many project partners that made it possible.

This was an exciting opportunity for members of these groups to get together, celebrate their accomplishments, and to observe firsthand the value of the lasting physical impact that conservation projects have on our outdoor spaces. You can read more about large wood debris restoration methods in our January blog post.

Special thanks to Chijo Takeda, who took these beautiful photos documenting the occasion for all to enjoy!

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