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Leading the Way to Community Supported Conservation

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Leading the Way to Community Supported Conservation

2020 has been a year of challenges; some personal, some professional. Not that I need to tell you that; we’re living it together! Despite everything that’s happened, the commitment to wildlife conservation in Oregon remains strong.

We see it in the donations we receive, participation in our digital programming, and engagement with and through our social channels. For that, we say thank you! Your support and that of others like you is what keeps us energized and moving forward. This year has also brought many positive changes to our work at the Foundation; we’ve grown our digital footprint, implemented projects, developed new partnerships, and added talented people to an already impressive group of board and staff members. With how this year began, who’d have thought the next line in this letter would include the word “highlights”.

Oregon Wildlife Foundation 2020 Highlights

  • Sold over 1,500 vouchers in our campaign to help make Oregon’s next wildlife license plate a reality. (available here)

  • Launched a free monthly online education series called Community Conservation.

  • Participated in and actively supported ODFW’s Anti-Poaching campaign. We are working to sustain OSP’s Wildlife K-9 Detection Team and have pledged reward money to support the prosecution of wildlife crimes.

  • Managed the development and fundraising of 13 open projects across Oregon. From restoration of winter range habitat for mule deer in Central Oregon, to enhancement of Seeley Creek in the Mid-Coast region, we’re working to improve the environment for our fish and wildlife.

  • Partnered with ODFW to launch the Oregon Conservation & Recreation Fund.

  • Created the Wildlife Habitat Recovery Fund in response to this year's wildfires that devastated communities and forests in Western Oregon.

  • Welcomed a new group of talented individuals to our Board of Directors.

  • Added a second Spruce Gifts & Provisions store location in Hood River.

  • And a personal highlight from 2020 - I hiked - a lot! My family hiked every weekend during the pandemic. Doing so reinforced how important the outdoors are to our physical, emotional, and mental health. It reminded me how much our landscape needs and deserves our protection.

The Oregon Wildlife Foundation will celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2021 and we'll take a minute to enjoy that, but much work remains to be done. Like you, we aspire to ensure that our children, and theirs, inherit a healthy environment supporting abundant and diverse populations of wildlife. Working together, as a community dedicated to conservation, we can make that happen. As we close out 2020 - a year that has, at times, seemed endless, I hope we can count on your continued support.

During this season of giving, our Board of Directors has generously offered to match, dollar-for-dollar, all donations made to the Foundation up to $30,000, between now and December 31st.

Please join me in making a year-end gift to Oregon Wildlife Foundation to help us continue our legacy of conservation.

Kindest regards,

Tim Greseth | Executive Director

P.S. We have some great perks for supporters including 20% off your purchase at Spruce Gifts & Provisions *AND* if you donate between December 8 and December 31, 2020 you are elidgable to choose from our new swag! Gifts of $50 or more gets you our amazing new wildlife sticker, gifts of $100 or more gets you a reusable recycled materials tote bag, and those gifting $250 or more will recieve our new wildlife design hats.

>> donate today for Oregon's future <<

The CARES Act allows individuals to deduct cash (checks and credit card payments) up to $300 for charitable contributions given to 501(c)(3) public charities such as Oregon Wildlife Foundation. Donors can list their contribution as an adjustment to income on their taxes. Always consult your tax advisor directly with questions - click here for CARES Act info.

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