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Board Member Highlight: Brad Staples

A real fisherman knows it takes vision, patience, and commitment to catch anything worthwhile. For Oregon Wildlife Foundation (OWF) past President Brad Staples, these attributes netted the foundation years of dedicated service, above and beyond the call of duty.

Staples, a professional fishing guide and outfitter in Oregon since 1983 (as well as in Alaska for seven years), is a guide/partner at Western Fishing Adventures LTD. Beyond that, he’s been a host and sales agent for Fishing with Larry since 2010. Not only does Staples know some of the best fishing lodges and destinations worldwide, but he is also skilled at connecting people to natural places.

From Facebook birthday fundraisers to creating moving appeal letters, Staples never shied away from casting his line to family and friends for a donation or to bring a new face to Across the Arches. After joining the OWF Board of Directors in 2013, Staples served faithfully on the Project committee. His commitment to the Foundation only continued to grow.

"I've greatly appreciated the opportunity to work with Brad at the Foundation,” said Executive Director Tim Greseth. “He's an amazing ambassador for our organization, and his follow-through on everything he does is without parallel."

In September 2019, Staples was elected Board President, where he fully immersed himself in every committee and project that OWF sponsored during his tenure. While not required of the president, he sat in on all committee meetings, providing guidance and encouragement. Now a past President and a current Executive, Project, and Land Stewardship committees member, Staples continues to use his vision, patience, and commitment to help reel in growth for OWF.

“As the President of Oregon Wildlife Foundation’s Board of Directors, Brad was a strong advocate for the organization and was deeply involved in our projects and fundraising,” said Development Manager Kalei Augustine. “He is dedicated to wildlife conservation and connecting people with nature. I appreciated his leadership as President and look forward to his continued involvement with OWF,” Augustine continued.

On behalf of Foundation staff and board members, we thank Brad for his many years of dedicated service.

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