A New Project Breaks Ground

Starting Monday, September 13th, ground will be broken on a project that hopes to restore habitat and literally break down barriers.

Image of people enjoying Eagle Creek and Eagle Fern Park area.

The partnership between Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Clackamas Parks, Resource Legacy Fund, and Oregon Wildlife Foundation will remove the Eagle Fern Dam in Eagle Creek Park this fall, as well as the North Fork Dam beginning in 2022.

In addition to removing the weirs, riverbanks will be stabilized with large wood and replanting of riparian foliage where needed. The removal of these two dams will open up an additional 24 river miles in the Clackamas Basin for passage and rearing habitat for Oregon’s spawning fish populations.

To learn more about this project and details about dam removal, check out this wildlife discussion called, Removing Dams and Restoring Flow.

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