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Partnering with the community is key to making the work we do possible, which is why we’re always grateful for community members that support our mission, like Wilsonville Subaru.

Recently, we were chosen as a Trail foundation partner with Wilsonville Subaru. The Trail edition pack includes add-on features that make your Subaru even more ideal for recreational activities in the mountains and on trails. For every Trail edition of a Subaru that was sold, Wilsonville Subaru donated $250 to the Oregon Wildlife Foundation.

We are incredibly honored to have received $4,750 from Wilsonville Subaru and are so excited to continue to work with them to help bring our Watch for Wildlife license place to life!

These kinds of donations help fuel the work that we do and helps build a better future for wildlife and humans all across Oregon. Thank you so much to Wilsonville Subaru for this donation! An additional thank you to all our partners and supporters who help make our projects a reality every day.

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