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New Fiscal Project: TLP Media

As part of creating diverse avenues to help fund conservation projects and conservation education in Oregon, OWF provides fiscal sponsorships. Fiscal sponsorship allows an organization that's not tax-exempt, to engage in charitable activities under the nonprofit status and tax-exemption of their sponsor.

TLP Media is a new wildlife production organization based in the Pacific Northwest, specializing in producing high quality films with experienced production teams that are committed to investing in the future of our planet through compelling stories and eye catching visuals.

They have worked with the National Park Service, Smithsonian Channel, BBC, PBS, and more. Currently TLP Media has four films in development since recently partnering with Oregon Wildlife Foundation. The subjects of these films are diverse, and include: burrowing owls in eastern Oregon, sea otters returning to the Oregon coast, ringtail cats in southern Oregon, and wolves returning to Washington, Oregon, and California. The purpose of these films are to generate more awareness about the beauty of the natural world, and capturing the natural history of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest in a way that connects people to these stories in powerful ways.

Executive Director and multi-award winning filmmaker, Alan Lacey, comes from a background in aviation and business; and has adapted his skills to the world of wildlife filmmaking.

His first film, “Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest” is an award winning documentary that has screened internationally. Alan lives with his wife and four footed fur-kid in Portland, and is often exploring the wild Cascades of Washington and Oregon.

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