Grantee Highlight: Salmon Watch

"...we have seen firsthand the positive educational benefits that Salmon Watch has provided to teachers, students, other program participants, and communities throughout Oregon."

-- James Capurso,

Regional Fisheries Biologist | US Forest Service

In 2018 we had the privilege of awarding $41,892 to education program in Oregon. One of those programs has beautifully tied together youth education with our state's natural resources, Salmon Watch.

Salmon Watch was founded by Oregon Trout (later The Freshwater Trust) in 1993. The program was re-established by The World Salmon Council in 2013 to serve communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. Over the past two decades, the program has educated more than 60,000 schoolchildren in Oregon.

Salmon Watch serves as a successful model of cost-effective collaboration among public and private organizations working together to enhance education as well as protect salmon populations and the ecosystems that sustain them. Teaching middle and high school students about the importance of wild salmon conservation in watershed management; the program is designed to instill in students a deeper appreciation of Oregon's wild salmon heritage and the importance of being well-informed citizens.