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Giving back to Oregon

It's giving season - and like many of you, we are taking this time to reflect on our growth, our challenges and successes, and most of all - what we can do now.

Our purpose has never been more essential than it is in 2018: empowering conservation.

We see our world changing, our neighboring states changing, the wildlife and habitat in our country changing. What we see here at the Foundation are our people and our supporters staying constant. Members, donors, grantees, partners, sponsors, and fans of our work have helped us diversify who and how we can empower, provide a pathway for authentic conservation, and support education of what Oregon needs to thrive for all who live here (including winged, webbed, and four legged friends)!

For this, we say thank you.

An Oregon without your support would be an Oregon without a frog shuttle to help frog populations spawn; without a functioning Sturgeon Lake for human recreation and animal habitat; without a recovery plan for the Columbia River Gorge's wildfire devastation.

You made this work come to life.

You made Oregon one sage grouse, one riverbank, one oak tree that much stronger. Only together with you, can Oregon stay strong for the future wildlife populations, future tree groves, and future Oregonians.

So this year, as we kick off giving season with #GivingTuesday (Tuesday Nov. 27), we look forward to sharing some things that you have helped support for Oregon; with the help of some of the most committed, enthusiastic, and adventurous biologists, grantees, and Oregonians who we rely on for Oregon's health and security.

And lastly, we want to know what your #GivingStory is!

Tell us how you have connected with Oregon, our natural habitat, our wildlife. What is Oregon to you?

Thank you again for all of your support, we see you, and we are thrilled that you're here with us!

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