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Bag It Forward for Oregon

You can now donate your 5 cent reusable bag refund to Oregon Wildlife Foundation in your Beaverton New Seasons stores!

UPDATE: New Seasons Market is expanding their Bag It Forward program to include, travel mugs at the coffee bar, home containers for the bulk bins, and bag your leafy greens in your own reusable produce bag! OWF can get 5¢ for each!

Thanks to generous store patrons, over $285,000 has been donated to New Season's Bag it Forward partners since the beginning of the program. We are excited to be included in this program's partnership, as a way to create awareness about our work; as well as provide an opportunity to Portlanders and surrounding areas to support the Foundation within their everyday life.

Be sure to tag us on Facebook, or connect with us if you are able to utilize this program in support of our Oregon work.

Visit New Seasons Progress Ridge and Cedar Hills locations with your own bags at checkout, and drop your reusable bag token in our Oregon Wildlife Foundation nonprofit partnership slot to have your thoughtful 5 cents go towards Oregon's fish, wildlife and natural resources!

Visit our Projects Page to see how you are helping conserve our beautiful state.

Now until January, 2019!

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