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What's Buzzing This Spring

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Oregon Wildlife Foundation Spring Pollinators Week

We are excited to announce a totally new OWF Spring Program this year on Oregon's native pollinators!

Pollinators are a crucial part of a healthy natural environment. Our campaign is focused on the education of our pollinating friends, the plants the like best, and ways you can help promote a healthy and sustaining habitat for pollinators to flourish.

We are partnering with local pollinator educators, Bee & Bloom, to bring you informative fun. We will be releasing details about our campaign's workshops, presentation, and other happenings later this month. Stay up to date by signing up for our monthly newsletter, follow the Pollinators Week event page, or check back to our blog!

More partners, specific dates, and live event details to come...


Bee & Bloom

Bee & Bloom are beekeepers, educators, and native pollinator advocates in Portland, OR, working to empower our community to live harmoniously with our environment (and all the pollinating critters within it). Taking a holistic approach to improving pollinator health, they promote sustainable, bee-centric beekeeping and native bee awareness.

They are comprised of two educational apiaries - in Oak Grove and Sauvie Island - and an online resource that covers the many facets of working with bees. They hold classes and hands-on workshops on all bee-related topics, and offer management and consultation services to beekeepers throughout Portland.

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