Road Ecology: Recap + Pictures

Thanks to all who were able to join us last Wednesday for our first 2018 Wildlife Talk on Road Ecology. We have some info from the presentation and images below!


Wildlife impacts from man-made roadways:

 Direct Mortality from collisions

 Avoidance Behaviors (due to: noise, smell, human activity, etc.)

 Habitat Connectivity & Gene Flow Interrupted

 Local Extinctions

Examples of wildlife mitigation options in Oregon:

North Portland  Industrial area and wetland complex near Smith and Bybee Lakes and the Columbia Slough

Wilsonville Oregon  Edge of the Urban Growth Boundary

South of Bend  Central Oregon in Deschutes National Forest


What do we know?

 Crossing Structures work!

 Increased driver safety & maintain genetic transfer for wildlife populations

 Learning how design can increase use by wildlife

 More to learn about behavioral responses to roads and adaptation


Big thanks to our presenter, Leslie Bliss-Ketchum, whose outstanding work and knowledgeable insight continues to help our Organization pursue our mission.

Stay up to date with Leslie by checking out Samara Group, which was co-founded by Leslie to enhance environmental projects centered around rigorous science, inclusive partnerships, and effective communications.

Thank you again to our event sponsors, without whom we would not have incredible food, drink and swag. We are always excited to work with businesses and people who are dedicated in bringing conservation education and awareness to the public. Our Wildlife Talk Series sponsors are exactly those people, and we encourage you to check them out below if you are unfamiliar.

Support Oregon!

Breakside Brewery | Union Wine Co. | Spork Bytes | Columbia Sportswear

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