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Old Scarface: A Legend Live On

He was known as Spot in his young years, and went on the earn the name Old Scarface as he battled his way to become King of Lostine Wildlife Area at the spectacular Eagle Cap Wilderness.

He became legend to men with guns...and mysteriously, almost magically, disappearing during hunting season every year. He eluded the hunters, but graciously allowed photographers and tourists to capture him on film. The huge ram mercilessly battered any upstart foolish enough to challenge him; yet befriend a young boy during the filming of a feature chronicling his legend!

Old Scarface was a 14 1/2 yearold bighorn ram at the time of his death in the 1986-87 die-off. In 2007/2008, he was the first ram known from the united States this century to score over 200 Boone and Crockett points. He was the biggest success story in the history of the U.S. bighorn restoration program.

Sought after for years, he was always a move ahead of his pursuers, and beat the odds by living as long as he did, finally succumbing to disease and old age. Legend never dies, and now the ram has another lease on immortality through an Oregon bronze artist, Scott Gayer.

Gayer made a meticulous mold of Scarface's horns, then using the lost wax casting process. The horns were poured in bronze. Gayer did a surrealistic high polished bronze skull, and the horns were attached and painted to look real. Old Scarface, aka Spot, is now a bronze, limited edition of 28 of a similar process. The contrast between the mirror-like finish on the skull and the rustic natural look of the horns is a stunning artistic coup, as the saga of Old Scarface grows, and the legend lives on.

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