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Strutting Like A Sage Grouse

Once commonly found across the western United States and several western Canadian provinces, the greater sage grouse today can only be found in 11 states and two provinces, and in much smaller populations. Sage grouse populations have declined 80% across its historic range in the western United States.

As you can imagine, it's difficult to keep track of just how many there are in any one area. To try and estimate the sage grouse population in Oregon, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife partners with groups and organizations like Oregon Wildlife to count leks: an area in the brush where sage grouse gather during mating season to attract potential mates.

During mating season, between the months of March-May, you can find this grand bird strutting around its lek, puffing their chest, and fanning tail feathers trying to impress on-looking females. It's comical to watch sage grouse chase each other and scurry back and forth, calling hopefully for their future mates.

Learn more about the largest grouse in North America, where to find them in Oregon, and what we are doing to help conserve our population - and how you can help!

Join us this month for a fun event where you can sip locally made wine, enjoy a 20% off pass from Columbia Sportswear, and even learn about our partnership program for sage grouse conservation, Adopt-a-lek.




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Statistics thanks to The Nature Conservancy,

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