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About this project

The Foundation is partnering with ODFW on a project that will place over 400 logs in 5 ¼ miles of Long Prairie creek, a tributary to the Sams Creek Watershed in the Siletz River Basin. 


Among Oregon’s coastal river basins, the Siletz is unique because it contains viable runs of seven species of anadromous fish, spring and fall Chinook salmon, coho, chum, summer and winter steelhead, sea-run cutthroat trout, as well as resident cutthrout, Pacific and brook lamprey, and in the lower river and bay, white sturgeon. The Siletz River basin is also prized for its fast-growing conifers and has been heavily logged over succeeding generations.


Long Prairie is similar to most streams in the Siletz Basin. Logging and stream cleaning have removed much of the large woody debris from it and recruitment of new large wood to the creek is extremely limited. Previous restoration efforts in Long Prairie have improved conditions somewhat and has shown that the stream responds well to large wood placement.


Woody debris in streams is an important habitat restoration tool. When placed correctly, large woody debris interacts with water and sediment to provide a host of benefits for juvenile and adult fish; including the development of pools; sorting and retaining gravel for spawning; providing cover from predators; and slowing stream velocity.


This project will improve Long Prairie Creek’s capacity to produce juvenile salmonids over the middle and long-term. Your support helps us improve the spawning and rearing capacity of this stream and others along the coast and within the Willamette Valley.

OWF Stream Enhancement project
OWF Stream Enhancement project
OWF Stream Enhancement project carp
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