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About this project

The Foundation is working with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to enhance and restore natural and desirable grasses and forbs within the River Ranch parcel of the Lower Deschutes Wildlife Area.

This project will improve overall rangeland health within an area of the Deschutes River canyon that has been negatively impacted by fire. Competition from annual grasses will be reduced through the application of an imazapic herbicide in winter 2017. In late spring the target area will be reseeded with native grasses and forbs, and native shrubs will be planted in suitable areas. The Department and the Foundation are seeking volunteers to help with the shrub planting.

Please join us in supporting rangeland restoration in the Deschutes River canyon with your tax-deductible gift to the River Ranch Restoration Fund online by clicking here or with a check made payable to Oregon Wildlife Foundation with a memo line note of “River Ranch Restoration Fund.”

To get involved as a volunteer or if you would like to request more information, please contact us.

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