The Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund will help ensure that future generations of Oregonians can continue to enjoy the incredible natural landscapes that are so central to our way of life.

Representative Ken Helm - HB 2829 bill sponsor

protect, maintain and enhance fish & wildlife resources in Oregon

Conservation organizations have long sought dedicated funding from the legislature for proactive restoration and protection of our living natural resources.


The 2019 Oregon legislature passed HB 2829 to do just that by establishing the Oregon Conservation & Recreation Fund (OCRF)—a funding mechanism for conservation that doesn't rely exclusively on hunting and fishing fees.


The bill put $1 million in tax dollars aside, to be matched by $1 million in private funds, as seed money toward a modern approach to funding for fish and wildlife conservation.


Per the legislation, the private match of $1 million and the total of $2 million must be raised and obligated to qualified projects by the end of this biennium, June 30, 2021.

The Foundation is working in partnership with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to meet the funding mandate established by the legislature and make the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund a reality.

Help create a conservation legacy for the people of Oregon with your gift to the OCRF today!



House Bill 2829 appropriates $1 million to the fund on the condition that Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife deposit at least $1 million from non-state and non-federal sources into the fund in gifts, grants and other contributions.

PASSED! - HB 2829 created the OCRF as a fund in Treasury that is separate from the General Fund, with the purpose “to protect, maintain and enhance fish and wildlife resources in Oregon…”.

Funds could also be used to build a program to engage communities across the state in collecting observations of Oregon’s species where data is lacking, such as western pond turtle. It could also provide funds to ODFW’s conservation partners for voluntary habitat restoration across the state.

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