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conservation + natural history explored

Welcome to the Northwest Nature Matters podcast.

This podcast is produced by the Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society in partnership with the Oregon Wildlife Foundation.

The people of the Pacific Northwest value beautiful natural scenery, clean air and water, and abundant fish and wildlife resources. Conservation is important to us, yet sourcing accurate scientific information can be difficult in this age of polarized content. The goal of the podcast is to serve as an antidote; to give you the opportunity to hear directly from the experts, through long-form conservation about natural history and conservation.

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John Goodell is a conservation biologist and conservation educator with experience in a wide array of disciplines including wildlife monitoring, conservation planning, and habitat restoration.


Before arriving in Oregon, John previously worked in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Formerly the Curator of Natural History at the High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon, John was responsible for the natural history interpretive programs, exhibits, and curated their diverse living collection.  


Currently, he works as a consultant in Portland, Oregon, specializing in both wildlife monitoring and conservation interpretation projects for museums and other public education venues. John is the current President-elect of the Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society.

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