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Legal Information/

Language for a Will or Trust


Legal name: Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation 

Tax ID # 930797904

Our address is: PO Box 30406 

Portland, Oregon 97294-3406 

Phone: 503-255-6059 



Suggested Bequest Language for a Will or Trust


1. "I give ____________________ (describe the gift1) to the Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation [federal tax id # 930797904], a nonprofit corporation organized and existing under the laws of Oregon with a principal mailing address of P. O. Box 30406, Portland, Oregon 97294, for its charitable purposes as defined in and subject to the provisions of the Foundation's Articles of Incorporation as they exist on this date or as they may hereafter be amended (the "Articles"). All assets  of the irrevocable gift shall be assets of the Foundation and not a separate trust.  The gift shall be received, held and administered subject to the provisions fo the Foundation's Gift and Investment Policies, including those provisions which may permit the board to amend, modify, or vary any of the purposes, directions, restrictions, or conditions set forth herein."


If no additional restrictions are to be placed on the gift, only the language in section 1 is required. For placing restrictions on gifts, include bothe the language in section 1 with additional language provided in the samples below under section 2.


2. To indicate a purpose of the gift and/or to create a named or advised fund, choose the following options:


a. Conservation Use Restriction. "This gift shall be designated to _____________." (name an Oregon Wildlife program, a specific conservation purpose of gift, the Oregon Wildlife Endowment Fund [Oregon Wildlife's general endowment] or another existing named fund within the Oregon Wildlife Endowment Fund)


A gift of $25,000 or more may be used to create a named fund (see 2b below).  A gift of $50,000 or more may be used to create an advised fund (see 2c below).


b. Named Fund. For gifts of $25,000 or more, a named fund can be created.  "This gift shall be used to create a named fund to be known as the ______________ Fund.  The purpose of the Fund shall be:_______________." (describe general or specific purpose, restrictions, etc.)


c. Advised Fund. ($50,000 or more) "This gift shall be used to create a named fund to be known as the _______________ Fund with a purpose of _____________.  Distributions may be made from the Fund as the Board of Directors may determine after taking into consideration any suggestions from time to time made to the Foundation by _______________ [insert name and contact information of particular person who will advise the fund]. It is understood that no successor advisors shall be named by the designated advisor listed above."


1 A gift may be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of an asset or the estate, its remainder or a specific asset.


2. Unrestricted gifts will be added to the Oregon Wildlife Endowment Fund, Oregon Wildlife's general endowment.

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