Some donors choose to make a larger commitment to our work through their will or with a gift of assets. Beulah Drake's bequest to Oregon Wildlife Foundation (OWF) transformed our organization to the thriving organization we are today. The Fiske family's gift to OWF is providing perpetual support to projects within the Deschutes River basin. Our latest fund, established by the Breckel family, supports projects on the Summer Lake Wildlife Area.


If you are considering one of the following ways to become a Legacy Society member and would like further information, please contact us about making a planned gift to OWF.



Name Oregon Wildlife Foundation as a percentage or specific dollar-amount beneficiary or, after other estate requirements are met, include us as a contingent beneficiary.




Designate Oregon Wildlife Foundation as an owner and beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy and you can deduct the premiums on your taxes as a charitable gift, or appoint the Foundation as a percentage or specific dollar amount beneficiary of an existing policy. Talk with your life insurance agent to obtain a change of beneficiary form.




You can reduce your taxable estate by naming Oregon Wildlife Foundation as a beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement plan.




There are ways to receive a life income and a tax deduction by donating cash, securities or real property to a charitable remainder trust with Oregon Wildlife Foundation as the beneficiary.


These are just a few ways to support Oregon Wildlife Foundation with a planned gift. Consult your tax advisor or estate planning professional before making any charitable estate gifts to ensure that you obtain the maximum tax benefit available to you. If you already know that you want to designate OWF as a beneficiary in your will, life insurance, retirement plan or other charitable vehicle, view our legal/tax accounting information here