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About this project

This is an intensive all-volunteer effort to save a remnant population of Northern red-legged frogs in Forest Park (near Linnton in NW Portland) by shuttling them  across highway 30, two local roads, and two sets of railroad tracks to the Harborton wetland where they breed. They do the same for the frogs during their return trip home.

This population of red-legged frogs, an Oregon Conservation Strategy Species, was discovered in 2013 when a local resident left home on a rainy, unseasonably warm evening in January and found Harborton Road covered with frogs, many of which had already been squished. A group of volunteers met with representatives of Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services, and Forest Park Conservancy to determine a plan of action.  Biologists recommended catching the frogs by hand and shuttling them to the wetland.

OWF Harborton Frog Shuttle project

The Harborton Frog Shuttle now has 40 dedicated volunteers and transported more than 650 frogs between Forest Park and Portland General Electric’s Harborton wetland property in 2015. Road mortality is down significantly and an egg mass survey of the wetland shows successful breeding is taking place. The long-term goal of this project is to create pond habitat, capable of supporting the needs of red-legged frogs, west of Highway 30. Until then, Frog Shuttle volunteers are doing everything they can to conserve this population.

The Foundation is supporting this project and we hope you will join us by making your tax-deductible gift to the Harborton Frog Fund online by clicking here or with a check made payable to “Oregon Wildlife Foundation” with a memo line note of “Harborton Frog Fund”.

To get involved as a volunteer or if you would like to request more information, please contact us.

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