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Imagine a fund that provides ongoing financial support to the Oregon species, area, or program that is most important to you. We have options to fit almost every interest and budget.


Named Fund

The Fiske family created a donor fund to support projects in the Deschutes River basin. What will you do for Oregon's natural resources in your name or that of someone you love? Annual distributions from your named fund go to the interest area you designate.The minimum gift level for a named fund is $100,000.

Seed Fund

Don't have the minimum gift needed to create a named fund right now? You can still get started by making an initial gift of $10,000 and the same each year thereafter to build your named fund.  Once the threshold amount is reached, through annual gifts and appreciation, your named fund is created.

Flow-Through Fund

Tremaine Arkley and Anne Steele formed the Willamette Habitat Restoration Fund to provide private funds for habitat restoration and education projects in the Willamette Valley. Do you have a fish, wildlife, or access project in mind? Create a flow-through fund with us to support completion of your near-term project.This is not an endowed fund but assets made available for immediate distribution. We'll manage the dollars for you. Nominal administrative fees apply.

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