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Oregon Wildlife Foundation (OWF) awarded just over $106,000 to 21 projects across Oregon in 2015. Funding was allocated in the following ways: $19,659 was given to outdoor education projects, $39,150 went to projects that specifically supported an Oregon Conservation Strategy species or habitat, and $47,324 supported habitat restoration efforts.


Funding was distributed by region as follows:  $27,900 went to projects in the Northwest region, Central and Eastern Oregon projects received $38,184, Southwest and Southern Oregon projects were granted $21,759, and Northeast Oregon projects received $18,290 in funding support from OWF.


Fish Camp at Camp Angelos - $4,900 was granted to Camp Angelos for supplies, fishing equipment, and a pond aerator. The camp provides a variety of outdoor and fishing activities to kids aged 9-14, NW, Outdoor Education


Adopt-a-Lek - $7,000 was granted to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for the continuation of their volunteer coordinator position that manages volunteers in collecting needed information abou Leks for state and federal Biologists.


Raptor Lead Exposure Study - High Desert Museum was granted $3,700 for use in a study that’s evaluating varmint shooting as a vector for lead exposure in raptors. The funds will be used for blood lead sample analysis and an interpretive panel, explaining the study and its results, which will be located within the Don Kerr Birds of Prey Center at the High Desert Museum.


Lower Deschutes Water Quality Assessment - Deschutes River Alliance has been granted $5,000 in funding support to evaluate the nutrient contribution flowing from Lake Billy Chinook into the lower Deschutes River. The funds requested will be used to purchase equipment to collect, measure, and store water samples and to have the same tested by a qualified laboratory service. 


Wildfire Effects on Sage Grouse Ecology - $18,500


2015 Youth Outdoor Day - $2,000 was granted to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for their annual Youth Outdoor Day, a learning opportunity for more than 750 kids


Rock Education Aquarium Chiller - $759 was granted to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for the purchase of a chiller to be installed at the Rock Creek Education Center aquarium bringing water conditions to a lower temperature than what is currently achievable.


South Fork John Day River Aspen Inventory - $4,950 was granted to the Upper South Fork John Day River Watershed Council to support the Council Coordinator’s work on conducting an inventory, rank, and advisory for restoration of Aspen groves in the South Fork John Day River watershed.


Nutrient Enrichment Program - $5,000 was granted to the Association of NW Steelheaders to assist in the expansion of volunteers to place salmon carcasses in Portland and Salem area streams for nutrient enrichment.


Oakquest II - $5,000 was granted to the Urban Greenspaces Institute to mentor three Native American youths in career-building, conservation education, and hands-on experience to engage 50+ citizen scientists to field-verify the Institute’s final regional oak map.


River Exploration & Geology Rocks Summer Camp - South Wasco School District is proposing a summer camp program for youth grades 2-9 that reside within their district and has been granted $3,984 in funding support. The camp will primarily serve economically disadvantaged youth in two sessions. The first, a 4 day-long day camp for children in grades 2-6, called River Watchers, will combine classroom and “on the water” instruction for 22 students. The second program, called Geology Rocks, is two overnight field trips for 20-25 students in grades 5-9.


Forest Lake Wetland & Floodplain Restoration - The Necanicum Watershed Council was granted $5,000 in funding for a project to restore wetland functionality and water quality to an 8 acre site that has been, because of features on the ground, stranding and killing juvenile fish each year since a high water event in 2007.


Heart of the Blues Outreach & Education - Blue Mountains Conservancy has been granted $5,000 in funding support for projects on two of the three natural areas that they currently manage; Mt. Emily Recreation Area and Pete’s Pond. On Pete’s Pond they plan to install bird houses and bat boxes, restore native plants to the site, and develop/install interpretive signage. On the Mt. Emily Recreation Area, they plan to develop upland water sources for cattle and install fences to keep them out of riparian areas.


Emergency Replanting – Thompson Creek - The Applegate Watershed Council, which oversees the Thompson Creek Habitat Project, was granted $5,000 for emergency replanting of a 1.79 acre portion of the project that was destroyed by cattle during a breach in the riparian fence last summer.


Expanding Access to Conservation/Environmental Education - Wildlife Safari was granted $5,000 to expand access to environmental and conservation education in Southern Oregon for low-income youth and adults. 


Sandy River Delta Western Painted Turtle Habitat - The Sandy River Basin Council was granted $4,000 to do a large habitat enhancement project on the Sandy River Delta.


Kingery-Cottonwood Wetland Enhancement Phase 1 - $5,000 was granted to ODFW to collect the information and design plans needed to develop the infrastructure to manage Cottonwood wetland complex on the Irrigon Wildlife Area well into the future.


2016 Youth Outdoor Day - $2,000 was granted to Youth Outdoor Day The Foundation is serving as the fiscal sponsor and granted $2,000 in funding support to ODFW for Youth Outdoor Day; a unique event designed to give the youth of Oregon a place to learn about habitat conservation, hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Agar Mountain Water Development - $3,340 was granted to Agar Mountain Water Development - the Upper South Fork John Day River Watershed Council was awarded $3,340 to develop a water source within the Jackass Creek drainage, at the base of Agar Mountain, for both cattle and wildlife.

Sprague River Restoration Project - $6,000 was granted to Sprague River Restoration - the Foundation awarded $6,000 to the Klamath Lake Land Trust to replant the riparian area and reestablish native grasses in the upland areas of their Sprague River property.

Little Butte Creek Water Quality Project - $5,000 was granted to the Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District for a project to help move the Merton Bradshaw Company ranch from flood to sprinkler irrigation as part of a larger effort to improve water quality in Little Butte Creek.

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